Developmental Benchmarks

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AGE Fine Motor Gross Motor Cognitive Communication
0-3 months Sucking, rooting, grasping Lift head while on belly, hold head up when supported Comforted by an adult, responds positively to touch, responds to facial expressions Crying, babbling, and body movements
3-6 months Reach, grasp, objects to mouth, claps hands Roll over, pull forward on tummy Responds to name, smiles spontaneously, laugh Exchange and repeat same sounds
6-9 months Transfers objects between hands Crawl, sit independently Respond to language, express emotion, differentiates strangers from known people Babble repetitively, wave bye, uses sound and body language to express interest
9-12 months Roll ball, grasp with thumb and pointer finger, drop and pick up objects Stand, walk with assistance Mimic actions, shows anxiety when caregiver leaves, respond to simple directions First few words, understands no
12-24 months Put things on pegs, scribble, turn pages Walk without aid, walk backwards, go up and down stairs Recognize self in pictures or mirror, imitate adult behavior Uses 50 words, communicates with purpose, beginning to combine words, understands 200-300 words
24-36 months String beads, hold crayon correctly, make dots and lines, cuts with pediatric scissors Run, jump, walk on tiptoe occasionally, kick ball forward Parallel play, help dress and undress, increased fear and anxiety Uses 200-300 words, combines 2 word utterances consistently, understands and completes simple directions, speech is 50% intelligible
36-48 months Mold clay or dough, draw circles Balance on one foot easily, walk on a line, ride tricycle Follow directions, share toys, take turns, interest in make believe, organize materials 75% intelligible speech, talks in phrases and simple sentences, asking and answering simple questions
48-60 months Use typical scissors, cut a line, print letters, copy shapes Jump on one foot, do somersaults, begin skipping and jumping jacks Compare self to others, develop friendships, count, know address Talks in 90% intelligible sentences, beginning to combine sentences using “and”, retells simple stores with characters, setting, problesm, actions, feeling, and endings

The above table is intended for a guideline only. Please visit with your child’s doctor about any concerns or questions.